Over 10,000 small businesses attended social media training by Michael just since 2011!
And, over 7,500 people attended Michael's management and leadership training seminars!!



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                     Michael Derrick is a motivational speaker and social media coach 

    "Michael gave a great seminar. He kept it very interesting.
The seminar was so great the day went faster than a normal work day."

 "I really enjoyed Michael. He was very funny."

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Our first class training partners teach on these subjects:

First Time Managers

Manager refresher course

The Highly Effective Manager



Microsoft Excel

Social Media Marketing

Emotional Intelligence

We can customize content and assess to maximize
return on investment for the training!


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(not comprehensive)

September 8 - 11 NY, MA, ME

August 15 - 22 Wisconsin

August 13, 14 Pensacola

July 30 - Aug 1 Gainesville, Savannah, Ft. Lauderdale

June 23, 24 teaching management Jacksonville, FL

June 26, 27 teaching leadership and
management in St. Thomas Virgin Islands

May 27-31 teaching management in Florida

April 29-May 4
In Chicago making presentation at a meeting
of a National Industrial Association

April 14, 15, 16 was speaking at a
management conference
in Jacksonville, FL
then training managers in
Ft. Lauderdale for two days!


Past Schedule - 2013

2013 Speaking Engagements


12-2 Orlando, FL - management conference
12-3 Sarasota, FL - management conference
12-4 Ft. Pierce, FL - management conference
12-5 and 6 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands - mgmt conference
12-9 Valdosta, GA - mgmt conference
12-10 Panama City, FL management conference
12-11 Pensacola, FL management conference


11-1 Memphis, TN - leadership, team building
11-4 Storrs, CT - management
11-5 Washington, DC - management
11-6 St Petersburg, FL - leadership
11-7 St Petersburg, FL - leadership
11-12 West Palm Beach, FL - leadership
11-13 West Palm Beach, FL - leadership
11-14 Gainesville, FL - leadership
11-15 Gainesville, FL - leadership
11-19 Grand Rapids, Michigan
11-20 Chicago, IL - social media lunch keynote
11-21 - 11-30 Chicago

October 2013

9-30 Columbus, MS - leadership, management
10-1 Jackson, MS - leadership, management
10-2 Mobile, AL - leadership, management
10-3 Mobile, AL - leadership, management
10-7 Binghamton, NY - social media marketing
10-8 Scranton, PA - social media marketing
10-9 Saddle Brook, NJ - social media marketing
10-10 Freehold, NJ - social media marketing
10-11 Lancaster, PA - social media marketing
10-15 Birmingham, AL - leadership, team building
10-16 Daytona Beach, FL - leadership, team building
10-18 Providence, RI - leadership, team building
10-28 Athens, GA - leadership, team building
10-29 Macon, GA - leadership, team building
10-30 Atlanta, GA - leadership, team building
10-31 Nashville, TN - leadership, team building


9-9 Salisbury, MD - leadership, teams
9-10 Lancaster, PA - leadership, teams
9-11 Ithaca, NY - leadership, teams
9-23 - Columbia, SC - social media marketing
9-24 Athens, GA - social media marketing
9-25 Atlanta, GA - social media marketing
9-26 Huntsville, AL - social media marketing
9-27 Mobile, AL - social media marketing


August 6 - Savannah, GA - team building
August 7 - Ft Lauderdale  - team building
August, 8 - McClean, VA - team building
August 12,13 - Puerto Rico - social media
August 14 - Ft. Lauderdale - social media
August 15 - Pensacola, FL - social media
August 16 - New Orleans, LA - social media
August 20 - Facebook webinar for national seminar
August 26 - Lewiston, ME - social media
August 27 - Manchester, NH - social media
August 28 - Great Falls, NY - social media

July 2013 -
July 18 -- 2 hour lunch teaching social media in
Chicago area
July 22 - Harrisburg, PA teaching social media
July 23 - Wilmington, DE teaching social media
July 24 - New York, New York teaching social media
July 25th and 26 - Syracuse, NY teaching management
July 29 - Charlotte, NC training on social media
July 30 - Greensboro, NC training social media
July 31 - Raleigh, NC training social media

June, 2013
4,5,6 Key Note Social Media speaker Washington/Baltimore
11,12,13 Key Note Social Media speaker PA, DE, Houston
18,19,20 key Note Social Media speaker Houston, Dallas
25, Daytona Beach - teaching on management
26, West Palm Beach - management
27, Atlanta - management
28, Norfolk, VA - teaching on management

May 2013
1-2 - Fort Myers Florida
teaching management
6-10 Florida - open
13-17 Chicago
May 15 - in Chicago speaking on social media
at 2 hour luncheon event
17-20 Myrtle Beach and SC
27,28 Palm Coast, FL - open
29 - Saginaw, MI
30,31 Chicago, IL

April 2013
April 1-5 Webinars
8-11 Roanoke, VA, Charlottesville, VA,
Richmond, VA, McClean, VA - social media
16-19 Augusta, Maine, Burlington, VT,
Allentown, PA, Edison, NJ - social media
22-26 King of Prussia, PA, Frederick, MD,
College Park, MD Annapolis, MD,
Salisbury, MD - social media
29-May 2 Ft Lauderdale, FL and
Ft. Myers, FL.  -

March 2013
March 1 - Chicago
March 4-8 Wheeling, WV, Beckley, WV,
Ashville, N.C., Nashville, TN, Toledo,
OH - teaching management
March 11-13 Chicago
March 14-15 New York City,
Albany, NY - teaching management
March 18-29 Webinars

February 2013
Jan 28 - Feb1 Florida - Social Media Training
- Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Gainesville,
Panama  City
Feb 4 - Feb 8 - Schaumburg,
Merrillville, IN, downtown Chicago,
Oak Brook, Davenport, Iowa -
Social Media Training
Feb 18 - 22 Social Media in Florida
- West Palm Beach, Miami,
Ft. Lauderdale
February 28-March 1 Chicago

January 2013
Jan 14-16 Minneapolis, MN
Jan 8 - KC
Jan 2-5 Source North America National
Meeting in Oak Brook, IL - speaking 4 times



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Motivational Speaker
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Social Media Training for Organizations
Social Media for Extreme Beginners to more experienced
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Social Media Strategy and tactics



Past Schedule - 2012

December 2012
5 - Ft. Lauderdale- management training
11-14 Ft. Pierce, FL and Melbourne, FL
16-28 Chicago

November 2012
1,2 booked
6,7, 15,16 Minneapolis, MN - management training
21-26 Florence, AL

October 2012
1-5 Booked - Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA
8-12 Booked in Virginia and Maryland
15 - 19 Booked in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
22-24 Booked in Tennessee
29-31 Office

September 2012
3-7 Booked in South Carolina
10-14 Booked in Georgia and Alabama
15-17 Wisconsin
18 Dayton, OH
25-28 Indiana and Michigan

August 2012 
6-10 Florida
13-15 Teaching management to organizations in Georgia and Alabama
16-19  Wisconsin
20-24 Chicago/Kenosha/Milwaukee area

July 2012

July 16-20 Training organizations on Social Media communication in Florida
23,24 - Ft. Lauderdale
25-27 Washington D.C. and Virginia
July 30-August 3 Training on Working with Difficult People in Washington, D.C. and Virginia

June 2012 

June 4-8 Speaking on emotional intelligence in Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina
June 11-14 Training companies on management in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
June 18-21 Speaking on emotional intelligence in Tallahassee, FL, Macon, GA, and Savannah, GA
June 22 - Speaking at a management conference in West Palm Beach, FL

May 2012

April 30 - May 4 Training companies in Florida on Dealing with Difficult People
May 7 - May 11 Training on Creative Leadership in Florida and Puerto Rico
May 14-18 Training companies in Florida on Dealing with Difficult People
May 22,23 Creative Leadership training in Florida



Some Comments from Seminar attendees:


Dynamic speaker. Thank you.

Speaker was dynamic, articulate, and engaging.

Seminar was great. I think Michael did a wonderful job by himself with such a large group.

Bravo! Excellent! You helped me on my specific problem that brought me here today. Michael Derrick is fantastic.





Some words of recommendation


"The Partner Group is a top-notch organization that
provides partnerships with their clients in helping to
fine-tune the selection process and solve people related challenges.   

The assessments are a great tool that can provide insight
into team members and how they work together as well as
individual behavioral traits, thinking style and occupational

The excellent service provided by the Partner Group
and their urgency and attention to your needs are characteristics
that make this organization a highly reputable resource
and a partner I enjoy working with, respect, and can highly recommend." 

Kim Stewart, HR Manager
Chicago, Illinois



“The Partner Group has been essential to the health and
well-being of my small commercial real estate services company
where there is a premium on accurately evaluating talent
and hiring right.

Although we were reluctant to engage
The Partner Group at first, they have become a valued
member of our extended team, and we have referred many
of our clients to them.

What better endorsement
could be offered than that?”


Geoffrey Kasselman, SIOR
Op2mize, LLC
Northbrook, IL